Paradise Station 13 - Modules - Types


/soundDefault override for echo


playsound is a proc used to play a 3D sound in a specific range. This uses SOUND_RANGE + extra_range to determine that.

source - Origin of sound soundin - Either a file, or a string that can be used to get an SFX vol - The volume of the sound, excluding falloff and pressure affection. vary - bool that determines if the sound changes pitch every time it plays extrarange - modifier for sound range. This gets added on top of SOUND_RANGE falloff_exponent - Rate of falloff for the audio. Higher means quicker drop to low volume. Should generally be over 1 to indicate a quick dive to 0 rather than a slow dive. frequency - playback speed of audio channel - The channel the sound is played at pressure_affected - Whether or not difference in pressure affects the sound (E.g. if you can hear in space) ignore_walls - Whether or not the sound can pass through walls. falloff_distance - Distance at which falloff begins. Sound is at peak volume (in regards to falloff) aslong as it is in this range.