Space Station 13 - Modules - Types


/datum/asset/simpleIf you don't need anything complicated.
/datum/asset/groupFor registering or sending multiple others at once
/datum/asset/simple/icon_statesGenerates assets based on iconstates of a single icon
/datum/asset/simple/namespacedNamespace'ed assets (for static css and html files) When sent over a cdn transport, all assets in the same asset datum will exist in the same folder, as their plain names. Used to ensure css files can reference files by url() without having to generate the css at runtime, both the css file and the files it depends on must exist in the same namespace asset datum. (Also works for html) For example blah.css with asset blah.png will get loaded as namespaces/a3d..14f/f12..d3c.css and namespaces/a3d..14f/blah.png. allowing the css file to load blah.png by a relative url rather then compute the generated url with get_url_mappings(). The namespace folder's name will change if any of the assets change. (excluding parent assets)