Space Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/effect/hallucination/terror_infestationCreates spider webs and a terror spider near a random vent around the target.
/obj/effect/hallucination/tripper/spider_webA fake spider web that trips the target if crossed.
/obj/effect/hallucination/abductionSends an abductor agent after the target. On knockdown, spawns an abductor scientist next to the target. Nothing else happens.
/obj/effect/hallucination/loose_energy_ballA progressive hallucination that begins with intermittent explosions, before displaying an energy ball that shocks the target.
/obj/effect/hallucination/assaultAn imaginary attacker spawns close to the target and attacks them to stamcrit.
/obj/effect/hallucination/xeno_pounceAn imaginary alien hunter pounces towards the target.