Space Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/machinery/anomalous_crystalAnomolous Crystal
/obj/machinery/anomalous_crystal/theme_warpWarps the area you're in to look like a new one
/obj/machinery/anomalous_crystal/emitterGenerates a projectile when interacted with
/obj/machinery/anomalous_crystal/dark_repriseRevives anyone nearby, but turns them into shadowpeople and renders them uncloneable, so the crystal is your only hope of getting up again if you go down.
/obj/machinery/anomalous_crystal/helpersLets ghost spawn as helpful creatures that can only heal people slightly. Incredibly fragile and they can't converse with humans
/obj/machinery/anomalous_crystal/possessorAllows you to bodyjack small animals, then exit them at your leisure, but you can only do this once per activation. Because they blow up. Also, if the bodyjacked animal dies, SO DO YOU.