Space Station 13 - Modules - Types


/obj/item/mod/module/armor_boosterArmor Booster - Grants your suit more armor and speed in exchange for EVA protection. Also acts as a welding screen.
/obj/item/mod/module/insigniaInsignia - Gives you a skin specific stripe.
/obj/item/mod/module/noslipAnti Slip - Prevents you from slipping on water.
/obj/item/mod/module/power_kickPower kick - Lets the user launch themselves at someone to kick them.
/obj/item/mod/module/plate_compressionPlate Compression - Compresses the suit to normal size
/obj/item/mod/module/stealthCloaking - Lowers the user's visibility, can be interrupted by being touched or attacked.
/obj/item/mod/module/status_readoutStatus Readout - Puts a lot of information including health, nutrition, fingerprints, temperature to the suit TGUI.
/obj/item/mod/module/ert_cameraCamera Module - Puts a camera in the modsuit that the ERT commander can see
/obj/item/mod/module/chameleonChameleon - lets the suit disguise as any item that would fit on that slot.
/obj/item/mod/module/energy_shieldEnergy Shield - Gives you a rechargeable energy shield that nullifies attacks.