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Client Login Processor Framework

The holder class for all client data processing

This framework is designed for loading in client data from the database. Login processors have their own queries, which will be put into one async batch and executed at the same time, to reduce the time it takes for a client to login. Login processors can also be given priorities to have things fire in specific orders EG: Load their preferences before their job bans, etc etc

When creating these, please name the files with the priority at the start, and the typepath after EG: This makes it easier to track stuff down -AA07

Also if you have used other languages before with "interface" types (Java, C# (Microsoft Java), etc), treat this class as one of those. [get_query(client/C)] and [process_result(datum/db_query/Q, client/C)] MUST be overriden


priorityThe login priority. A lower priority will fire first


get_queryQuery Getter
process_resultResult Processor

Var Details


The login priority. A lower priority will fire first

Proc Details


Query Getter

Gets the DB query for this login processor

Takes the client as an arg instead of just the ckey incase we need more data (IP, CID, etc). Returns a DB query datum.



Result Processor

Takes the (now executed) query and the client and parses the required data out Note: This can be a no-op if you want to just update the DB, just return on the override