Paradise Station 13 - Modules - Types


These are "programmatic books," that is books that are hard-coded into the game. Just for the sake of maintainability, keep information subject to change (as in likely to change SOON) out of the non-wiki manuals as they require PRs to change and it is not an author's responsbility to update manuals if they change a mechanic/recipe/feature referenced in one of them Don't worry about adding them to the library, as long as they're one of these types it is automatically added.

Longer Guides should really be a '/obj/item/book/manual/wiki' type book and be tethered to a wiki page, this is because wiki pages outside of SOP & Space Law can be very easily changed and do not require going through the Pull Request process. The benefits of these are that they can be illustrated, filled with tables, and changed without affecting the codebase.

However, contributors should avoid making every book/page tethered to a wiki page for a few reasons:

  1. many players who are likely just starting out would benefit from only getting a little bit of info to get started (think 5-10 bar recipes)
  2. Wiki pages are purposefully dry and to the point, manuals benefit from having flavor/personality to them to make them interesting to read ICly
  3. One can just open the damn wiki instead of reading a crusty-ass manual -Sirryan2002