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ballistic_thresholdShatter threshold for Ballistic weapons
energy_thresholdShatter threshold for Energy weapons
illusionsThe number of clone illusions remaining
reflect_chanceChance that energy projectiles will be reflected


hit_reactionReflect/Block/Shatter proc.

Var Details


Shatter threshold for Ballistic weapons


Shatter threshold for Energy weapons


The number of clone illusions remaining


Chance that energy projectiles will be reflected

Proc Details


Reflect/Block/Shatter proc.

Projectiles: If you have been hit by a projectile, the 'threshold' will be set depending on the damage type. By default, energy weapons have a 70% chance of being reflected, so you're going to want to use ballistics against mirror shields. (Reflection is calculated beforehand in [/mob/living/carbon/human/bullet_act]) For every point of damage above the threshold, the shield will have a 3% chance to shatter. (Up to a maximum of 75%) If a ballistic projectile doesn't shatter the shield, it will move on to the melee section.

Melee and blocked projectiles: Melee attacks and bullets have a 50|50 chance of being blocked by the mirror shield. (Based on the 'block_chance' variable) If they are blocked, and the shield has an illusion charge, an illusion will be spawned at src. The illusion has a 60% chance to be hostile and attack non-cultists, and a 40% chance to just run away from the user.