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Telecommunications Core

The core of the entire telecomms operation

This thing basically handles the main broadcasting of the data, as well as NTTC configs The relays dont do any actual processing, they are just objects which can bring tcomms to another zlevel


link_passwordPassword for linking stuff together
linked_relaysList of all linked relays
nttcThe NTTC config for this device
reachable_zlevelsList of all reachable devices
ui_tabWhat tab of the UI were currently on


DestroyDestructor for the core.
InitializeInitializer for the core.
check_power_onPower-on checker
handle_messageProc which takes in the message datum
onTransitZZ-Level transit change helper
refresh_zlevelsProc to remake the list of available zlevels
zlevel_reachableHelper to see if a zlevel is reachable

Var Details

Password for linking stuff together


List of all linked relays


The NTTC config for this device


List of all reachable devices


What tab of the UI were currently on

Proc Details


Destructor for the core.

Ensures that the machine is taken out of the global list when destroyed, and also unlinks all connected relays


Initializer for the core.

Calls parent to ensure its added to the GLOB of tcomms machines, before generating a link password and adding itself to the list of reachable Zs.


Power-on checker

Checks the z-level to see if an existing core is already powered on, and deny this one turning on if there is one. Returns TRUE if it can power on, or FALSE if it cannot


Proc which takes in the message datum

Some checks are ran on the signal, and NTTC is applied After that, it is broadcasted out to the required Z-levels



Z-Level transit change helper

Handles parent call of disabling the machine if it changes Z-level, but also rebuilds the list of reachable levels


Proc to remake the list of available zlevels

Loops through the list of connected relays and adds their zlevels in. This is called if a relay is added or removed


Helper to see if a zlevel is reachable

This is a simple check to see if the input z-level is in the list of reachable ones Returns TRUE if it can, FALSE if it cant